Fashion Video Work

You Do You Make Up Tutorial

A brown smokey eye make up tutorial created as part of the 'You Do You' beauty campaign.

Videography - Jess Mone, Hannah Vigus
Models - Samantha Jones
MUA's - Kate Grace


Exploring the themes of Love & Heartbreak through make up, a campaign that I designed and produced.

Videography - Jess Mone, Hannah Vigus
Models - Nabzee, Maria Psarakis
MUA's - Kiki Zar, Jenna Shaw

I'm So Happy

A short fashion video for 3rd Year Fashion Art Direction student Chantal Barbour;

Director & Stylist: Chantal Barbour
Cinematographer: Jess Mone 
Editor: Hannah Vigus
Music: Utanah

Shown at the Manchester School of Art Degree Show 2018

Irretrievable Affair

A 2nd year BA(Hons) Fashion film. 
Garments + Creative Direction - Row Seward
Model- Jacob Ellis
Videographer - Jess Mone 
Music - Utanah

'You Do you' Beauty Videos

‘You Do You’ is a short campaign I designed to showcase a variety of make up looks that have been relevant in 2017/18. The looks range from editorial looks to everyday make up looks and the aim is to explore the variety of ways in which individuals wear make up.

BA (Hons) Fashion BTS 2017

A short behind the scenes video from a fashion shoot!
The final collections were created by third year BA (hons) Fashion Students at the Manchester School of Art in 2017.


Music by Callum Kilgarriff

We Are Women

We Are Women is a short campaign video showcasing garments by Aleisha Martin-Clarke whilst exploring the theme of feminism through a group of protestors.
Creative Director: Aleisha Matin-Clarke
Assistant Creative Director: Row Seward
Videographer & Editor: Jess Mone 
Model: Sefe Hanson

#Kill The Plastics

A 2nd Year International Fashion Promotion film, the students were tasked with creating a fake campaign between Vivienne Westwood and BIC. The film was shot in two locations by two videographers.


Tangible is a Textiles and Film collaboration for the Manchester School of Art Degree Show 2017:

Textile Work - Bethany Turner,

(For more info on Bethany's work please visit )

Cinematographer - Angus Graham

Editor - Jess Mone 

Models - Jessica Gilbert, Bukky Jesusanmi