• Jess

Body Image: Why We Created ‘Fall’ For Mental Health Awareness Week

The 13th - 19th May marked mental health awareness week in the UK, this year with the theme of body image.

Due to the work my team and I did for ‘In Bloom’ surrounding the theme of body positivity and mental health, we decided to make a short moving image piece to bring awareness to mental health this year.

The moving image piece, directed by myself and illustrated & edited by Hannah Vigus, is titled Fall. It depicts my sister’s emotional recovery after the loss of her little finger, which may be a minimal injury for some but comes with a range of challenging emotional hardships, particularly as she was only 17 years old at the time.

The artist moving image piece is 35 seconds long and is currently hosted on our In Bloom social channels and my YouTube channel. We have shared it using the official hashtag for the campaign this year which is #BeBodyKind and would greatly appreciate our audience sharing it with their own communities.

As previously mentioned, losing a finger may not seem like a hardship to some people. However, it is still an alteration to a part of Hannah’s body that she had not experienced prior to the Manchester Arena attack. Therefore, coupled with post traumatic stress disorder, it has been something she has struggled to adjust to even after a year of physical hand therapy. My sister’s hand will never look or feel the same again, and she will always have other scars from where she was injured elsewhere, but that does not mean that she can’t get back on track to live a normal life.

If you, or anyone who you know, is struggling with mental health it’s always best to ask for help and support.

You can find more information on mental health support and mental health awareness through the official website.