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Facebook Ads - How Video Can Impact Your Audience

Is there something missing from your Facebook ads? Are you looking to create engaging social content that will direct traffic to your social pages or website?

As a freelance video editor I have helped businesses to reach their target audience using Facebook ads. For my Clients I am creating short 15-30 second videos using both stock footage and personal footage to reach their desired audience, by using a collection of vibrant visuals, motion graphics and soundtracks their ads can’t be ignored amongst the advertising noise.

As a video editor I often recommend keeping a video ad over 5 seconds and preferably under 20 seconds, this is to hold the attention of the viewer and get your ad message across before they continue scrolling.

Another recommendation for video ads is to get the bulk of your messaging in within the first 10 seconds, as mentioned this is the key time before a viewer may scroll away from your ad. If the messaging is short and snappy I would even suggest trying to get it out there within the first 5 seconds. However, each Facebook ad is different and can be tailored to both the Client’s needs and preferences.

Alongside the timing limitations of a Facebook video ad you should also consider the visuals you present to your audience. When working with the Client I have always ensured we use the best visuals for the ad to break through the endless Facebook advertisements and to engage with the viewer. Think bright colours, kinetic text and quick imagery or video footage!

An example of a short video for Facebook ads is the video created for Eden Debt Experts, who already had their video layout in mind when we started working together:

Here’s what the Client had to say about the video editing service:

A review for a Facebook ad, by Eden Debt Experts
Eden Debt Experts Jess Mone Creative Review

Similarly, if you want to keep your Facebook ad simple to test out the audience responses, I have created various Facebook ads using stock imagery and motion graphics, which is then reviewed once it has run its course. This is a great way to collect demographic data and create a video strategy plan for your business.