• Jess

How To Find Your Dream Internship Abroad

Chances are you’re reading this because you’re at a point in your life where you’re looking to expand your experiences and pursue your dream career path.

Whether you’re studying at University, about to graduate or simply looking for a career change but need some great experience - there are lots of international options out there!

Last year, when I was in my final year at University, I started to yearn for that experience. I’d never been travelling before since it had never appealed to me, but gaining professional experience abroad was something I was starting to look at for after graduation. In March 2018 I started to Google ‘international internships’, I found a lot of options so I’ve summarised some of the best websites to start with:

1. Go Abroad:

Go Abroad offer a variety of a programs across a wide range of countries. Acting as a search engine for international internships, you’ll be able to browse through all of the internship providers available for your industry.

2. Go Overseas:

Similar to Go Abroad, Go Overseas acts as a search engine for paid and unpaid international internships. Through Go Overseas you’re able to source a large variety of internship providers in different countries, there are a wide range of industry fields to choose from and helpful reviews to read.

This website is also useful for those looking to study, teach or volunteer overseas!

3. Global Experiences:

Global Experiences claim to offer award winning international experiences across 30 career fields. Their website talks you through the internship application step-by-step from filling in your application form to arriving at your international city. Included in this international internship is student accommodation and 24/7 local support staff. Always read the dates and tuition information before applying!

4. The Intern Group:

The Intern Group are a international internship provider, and my choice for my New York City internship last September! The Intern Group offer a variety of internships across a large number of career fields, similar to Global Experiences, their website talks you through each City you can intern in and the full application process. They offer housing for interns and cultural experiences every weekend as well as 24/7 local support staff. I always recommend reading up on dates and tuition before applying!

These are just some of the hundreds of websites that appeared in my Google search when looking to intern abroad. I would recommend doing your research and creating a plan when starting to apply for international internships as many of these require tuition fees for housing and other amenities.

I do believe international internships are definitely worth pursuing if the cost isn’t too high, not only does it stand out on your CV but it’s great for building international relationships and building on your own personal experience!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these websites, these are personal recommendations from my experience.