• Jess

In Bloom - The Final Post

In Bloom is my short documentary that I released in May 2018 as part of my final assessment at University. Originally I had never intended to share it with the world, I was planning to post it online to my friends and family and leave it at that.

One year after its release the film has now been seen world-wide both through film festivals and social media. The traction that my documentary has gained since its release has been remarkable and I have many people to thank for that. To summarise the films main successes I have made a short infographic:

In Bloom 2018/19 Infographic
In Bloom 2018/19 Infographic

From news articles to cinema screenings, my sister's story has been seen and heard. That was always my original motivation for this film, to show people how well my sister was recovering after the Manchester arena attack in 2017 and to help spread her message of positivity.

My highlights from the past year definitely include the two-week cinema run at HOME in Manchester, in which In Bloom was shown prior to the screenings of Andy Goldworthy's Leaning into the Wind. Also included in the highlights is the showcase at the Manchester School of Art Filmmaking Festival PAUSE and the Manchester School of Art degree show 2018. These are all local events that are personal to me and have been key to my development as a filmmaker.

It's wonderful to have had the opportunity for In Bloom to be featured on pages such as The LadBible and the Manchester Evening News. However it has always been important to me that the message behind the film does not get lost, which is why this will be my final blog post for the film.

I created this film to tell my sister's story, to spread her positivity to others who may have been physically injured of suffering the effects of PTSD. Because In Bloom isn't necessarily about the arena attack - it's about surviving.

It's bittersweet for me ending this project, as it has given me so much purpose and has aided me through my own struggle with post traumatic stress disorder. However I believe it is now time to move on to the next project, for those who have watched In Bloom, shared it or even simply read about it. Thank you.

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