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Influencer Event With Mirror Image & @beeingbold

I recently attended an influencer and blogger event hosted by Mirror Image Style in Salford (Greater Manchester). The event was held at Foodwell restaurant and bar on Stanley Street which is a LA inspired eatery, offering bottomless brunches and yoga classes.

The event gave those who attended a look at some of the new collection, with various outfits available to try on. Attendees were also gifted a compact mirror and branded lollipop!

Beeing Bold - Micro-influencer
Beeing Bold - Micro-influencer

I attended the event with various other bloggers and influencers, including new micro-influencer @beeingbold. Hannah has recently started an Instagram account focusing on body positivity and mental well-being, incorporating it with colourful fashion and beauty. This follows after her recovery from the Manchester Arena Attack, which you can learn more about through my documentary In Bloom.

Currently I am assisting Hannah with her content photography and videography as I often work with small Manchester based influencers and bloggers.

Micro-influencers are currently being sought out by smaller brands in order to gain an audience, often for free in exchange for gifted items. Whilst some argue that it’s now harder than ever before to start up as an influencer, it’s events such as this that allow smaller influencers to network with creatives and begin working with bigger brands.

Overall I enjoyed attending the event at Foodwell and the opportunity to network with others in the industry.

You can find the latest fashion from Mirror Image Style over on their website, if you’re interested in collaborating with a photographer/videographer you can contact me using the available form.

Beef Burger from Foodwell
Beef Burger from Foodwell