• Jess

Look-book collaboration with Blogger @love_Ciandra

Shooting with Influencers is currently one of my favourite things as a creative, I get the chance to shoot a variety of wonderful outfits in a short amount of time and see the behind the scenes process of social media blogging.

Recently I had the chance to shoot with instagrammer and blogger Ciandra Birnbaum, @love_ciandra.

We’ve worked together previously when Ciandra had only 9,000 Instagram followers in June 2018, now at the time of writing she currently has 46,000. She has seen an amazing growth in followers over the past year which I believe is down to the hard work she puts into her wonderfully aesthetic feed.

For our most recent shoot we collaborated on a look-book video with four outfits and a photo shoot alongside it.

Ciandra is currently working on her new YouTube channel where she has released videos introducing herself as a blogger and she will be releasing future content similar to the look book video we collaborated on.

This was my second photo/video shoot with a social influencer in 2019 and moving forward I will be looking to continue collaborating with influencers. If you’re interested in working together on photoshoots or video shoots for social media then please use the contact tab.

You can see how some of the images turned out below: