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Rebranding For Blogs - More Than SEO

I was recently asked to do some rebranding for the blog More Than SEO. A digital marketing blog, with a primary focus on SEO, that needed a refresh on some imagery and design.

For this piece of rebranding work I asked the client, Amy, for any pre-existing assets and any ideas on colour schemes that she might want included in the design. In this instance Amy had some inspiration for colour schemes that she then passed onto me in a mood board, which included some pinks, greens and blues.

I took the ideas on Amy’s moodboard and then started to look at colour palettes and how this would work with a new logo.

More than SEO logo rework

After designing several logos I approached Amy with a presentation of the top 3 designs as well as some colour scheme suggestions, typefaces for the logos, iconography and potential stock imagery for blog posts.

Together we discussed through any feedback and Amy then chose the final designs for her blog, which have since been implemented.

Amy said: Jess is extremely professional and has helped me create a brand new look for my website. From new brand colours, to imagery and icons. Couldn’t recommend Jess highly enough.’

You can see an example of the rebranding presentation that I approached Amy with here.

If you’re looking for a branding refresh or starting from scratch as a new brand I can help you to generate ideas and create a successful end product.

High quality branding is crucial to attracting new clients and helping move existing clients through those famous marketing funnels, if you need some help with branding you can get in touch today via the ‘book now’ tab.

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