• Jess

6 Elements Of Successful YouTube Videos

YouTube is currently the second most popular search engine in the world, with over 2 billion users globally - that’s almost a third of the internet.

With so many people both uploading and watching videos on YouTube daily, it’s no wonder why so many brands have jumped on the video marketing bandwagon. But when we talk about organic YouTube video marketing how do you get your audience to engage with your video in the first place? And once they’re watching the intro how do you get them to keep watching until the end?

Different audiences and genres of videos may require slightly different tactics, but if we look at the fashion, lifestyle and beauty sector as an example we can do a quick breakdown of what these types of video have in common. Here’s a list of successful video elements:

1) Good Lighting: This is obviously key for any good video, but particularly for videos where you’re showcasing an item like a dress or an eyeshadow palette.

2) Great Audio: Again this is key for any video, but if you’re watching a makeup tutorial you want to be able to hear what your favourite influencer is saying about a product right?

3) A Title or Intro: Often YouTubers will use a short title sequence on every video they make to establish some branding, they may also use a video title alongside this to introduce it.

4) An ending graphic or outro: An ending graphic is something commonly used by YouTubers to give their audience a set of calls to action such as ‘Like & Subscribe’. Typically if they are filming a video such as a fashion haul or makeup tutorial they will also give an outro themselves, thanking people for watching, before showing any graphics.

5) Subtitles & Headings: If you’re watching a step-by-step tutorial you want to know which step you’re on right? Especially if you stop paying attention for a couple of minutes and need to rewind. Subtitles and headings are a great way for YouTubers and viewers to keep track during a video.

6) Illustrations & Animations: Small illustrations and animations are a nice touch to add some branding to your video, they may be best used during transitions or if you’re talking about specific items. I recently created some hand sketched animations for a selection of YouTube videos, but the individual can decide on style of animation/illustration.

Depending on the style and genre of video you want to create you can either use all or a selection of the listed elements, this is also dependent on whether you’re making the video yourself or outsourcing to a YouTuber for some sponsored content.

If you’re currently creating your own videos for marketing purposes, whether that’s paid or organic, I offer a range of video services including ideation, production, editing, animations/illustrations and distribution. You can get in touch to discuss anything video related using the ‘book now’ tab or via email at jessmonecreative@gmail.com.

Similarly, if you’re currently a YouTuber, blogger or influencer who needs titles or graphics making please get in touch for a video service tailored to suit your needs.