• Jess

Top 5 Things To Do In New York For Your First Visit

After visiting New York in December, shortly after my 2 month internship, I decided to revisit during the summer time. I have always loved New York and I’ve always wanted to see how different the city is during the different seasons, previously I have only visited in Winter and Fall.

My trip this time was only for three and a half days, in which time I acted as a tour guide and walked through the typical iconic sites. During my trip I walked through central park and rented a row boat, walked over the Brooklyn bridge and spent some time exploring there, plus so much more!

To make it easier for first timers on a short break I’ve compiled a quick list for the top 5 things to do in New York!

1. Top Of The Rock

I’m sure this is on every list I’ve ever read when it comes to New York tourist spots, but it’s well worth it.

From the top of the Rockefeller building in Midtown you can see right across Manhattan. You can go at any time of day, from early morning to late evening and see the city in a different light.

Tickets are usually priced around $32 per person and it’s best to book online ahead of your trip!

2. Circle Line Cruise Tours

This is something that’s usually best to do from spring to late fall due to the weather.

You can choose from a variety of trips with the Circle Line Cruise tours and see the best of the NYC landmarks from a totally different perspective. Tickets start from $31 per person ranging from one hour cruises to five hour special event options.

3. Central Park

Central Park is one of the most iconic green spaces in Manhattan, featuring in a number of classic movies and tv shows.

You can walk straight through central park for free and explore the sights or you can rent a rowboat and take a leisurely boat ride around the lake.

The rowboats are available during spring to fall (weather dependent) and can fit up to four people in each boat. Rental is $15 for an hour, plus a refundable deposit. You can turn up on the day to take a boat out.

4. The High Line

When you’re visiting during the warmer months you should definitely check out the High Line. It’s free to walk and is open all year round however the greenery is in full bloom during summer.

You can enter the High Line from Chelsea/Meatpacking district using any of the entry points listed on their website. The High Line is a public park walkway that was introduced in 2009 and features a range of seating and modern art installations.

5. Staten Island Ferry (Statue of Liberty)

I always recommend that visitors take a trip on the famous Staten Island ferry to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty.

The ferry leaves from the South Ferry port (Whitehall Ferry Terminal) in Manhattan and travels to the St George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island, it makes the trip back and forth continuously throughout the day for tourists and locals alike.

The ferry is free to ride and visitors simple need to disembark at Staten Island and walk on to the next ferry to make it back to Manhattan.

There are so many amazing sights to see in New York that it’s very difficult for me to compile them into a top 5, if you’re travelling over the summer time I recommend checking the weather ahead of your trip as all of these activities involve the outdoors and there may be some rain.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to travel to NYC it’s worth having a look if any of your regular airlines are having sales, or alternatively try sites such as Travel Trolley.

*Disclaimer: I am not associated with any links mentioned in this post, these are experiences I have chosen to pay for whilst on my trips to NYC.