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Video: At-Home Workouts For UK Lockdown

Whilst we are in lockdown across the UK many freelancers, businesses and creatives have started creating free, interactive resources for those of us who need some inspiration and positivity during a difficult time.

Before we all went into isolation and lockdown I worked with Gain Your Muscle to film and edit some at-home workouts that you can do from the comfort of your living room, or back in the gym when businesses reopen.

These videos range from beginner warm ups to progressive exercises and are cut into short, easy to follow sections. Below is one example of these videos.

If you're looking to purchase some equipment for at-home workouts you can find some great items on Amazon, including a basic skipping rope for this warm up or, if you're looking for something sturdier, a Beast Gear skipping rope.

You can find more from Gain Your Muscle on the Instagram page @gainyourmuscleuk.

Search Intent:

After many companies started sending their employees to work from home both before and after UK lockdown was announced, there has been a surge in searches for 'at home workouts'. With an estimated search volume of 4,400 per month in the UK, there's no better time for trainers and brands to release their at-home content.

'at home workouts' interest over time - 16th March - 28th March 2020.

'at home workout' google trend graph march 2020
Google Trends Graph March 2020

This keyword is followed closely by 'workout routine' with an average monthly search volume of 3,600 in the UK.

'at home workouts' vs 'workout routine' interest over time - 16th March - 28th March 2020.

'at home workouts' vs 'workout routine' average interest over time - Google Trends
Google Trends Comparison Graph March 2020

If you’re looking to create your own video content, whether it be exercise related or not, I can provide a full videography service including consultation, filming, editing and help with distribution. To get in touch please see the ‘book’ tab.

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