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You Do You: Individualised Beauty Standards

‘You Do You’ is a short campaign I designed to showcase a variety of make up looks that have been relevant in 2017/18. The looks range from editorial looks to everyday make up looks and the aim is to explore the variety of ways in which individuals wear make up.

With apps such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accessing make up tutorials or inspiration images has never been easier, however we should consider what effect these forms of media have on ourselves. My aim with ‘You Do You’ was to inspire viewers to accept all variations of make up, and to explore the idea that we are all beautiful with or without make up.

This campaign is currently still on going and you can view the video and photographic work on Instagram through @redefineindividual or on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCciH7lhXWRFvoWzPfMK11Dg

Abbie Potter

Campaign Credits:

Creative Director/Photographer – Jess Mone

Cinematographer – Angus Graham

Editor/Photographer – Hannah Vigus

Make Up Artists: Kate Turner, Kiera, Maria McLenaghan

Models: Nashay, Siama, Kyra, Abbie, Emmy, Eleanor, Veronika, Louisa, Linda, Deana, Claire.

Music: Utanah

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Eleanor K

Kyra Elton